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Sweet Dreams

When I was in middle school, and my mom and I baked together, I would pretend that we were on a cooking show. I named the camera guy Ted and would ask him to zoom in on certain steps so the audience could get a good look. Whenever I needed to ask Mom a question about what to do next or how to execute a certain step, I would cut to commercial break. Thankfully none of this is on actual film.

I started baking with my mom and my grandmother, Mimi, in the big oven since the beginning. Cooking and baking was the center of all family functions. The biggest question at each holiday and birthday celebration was what we were making for the meal and most importantly, what we were serving for dessert. And no, we could not have just one dessert. Blasphemy! 

For years, I had a dream of a bakery filled with every sweet you could imagine. But after I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I thought those dreams were gone. After a few months of sulking, I decided to start gluten free recipe testing. What I discovered was that gluten free baked goods could be just as yummy as what I used to eat. Just like that, my bakery dream was rejuvenated!