Rachel Metts, Founder & CEO

Baking has been one of the true and constant joys in my life. Sharing my baked goods with others has always made me happy. Whether it is baking for someone's birthday, renting an NYC apartment based on kitchen-size, making six kinds of homemade truffles as Christmas gifts for friends in high school, or staying up until 3 AM to make five different themed gingerbread houses for family members I absolutely love it. 


Charli Girl, Cheerleader & Inspiration

I adopted Charli Girl in November of 2015 from Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. It may be cliché, but I am truly not sure who rescued whom. She came into my life when I needed her most. She brought the joy back into my life, and along with that my passion for baking was revived. When I was coming up with a bakery name, I realized that she had to be front and center - my reason for smiling every day since she rescued me.